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Back in 2017 our Founder and CEO Nabin Adhikari, an enthusiastic Engineering 3rd year student was searching for his ways into the entrepreneurship world. As he dove deep and developed his own websites, he stumbled upon the insufficiency of managed cloud-based web hosting services in Nepal.

Though the management and cloud server monitoring was easy to comprehend for an IT professional, it wasn’t the same case for non – IT entrepreneurs. In addition, many businesses were paying way more for far too few results.

So much has changed and developed in the IT Industry in Nepal during this decade: Why stop here? Why not have the best and affordable infrastructures for supporting businesses online?

“Why not get in the clouds? There’s so much space there!”

Thus, emerged the concept of ‘Cloudlaya: The Best Solution for Cloud Web Hosting in Nepal’.

With only Rs. 5000 in the pocket but with big visions and dreams, Mr. Nabin Adhikari founded Cloudlaya under the parent company Technozlife Group.

Cloudlaya’s main ambition is to provide the best technical support, the best cloud hosting, and be the best pedestal for new and growing entrepreneurs to get their businesses online.

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